Our aim is to help you maintain competitive
advantage in the market place


We provide risk management and business intelligence services, we undertake corporate investigations and supply a wide range of security services. Our aim is to help our clients recover missing assets, to protect them from compliance problems and assist them to gain, regain or maintain a competitive advantage in the market place.


If your company is considering a new partnership or is seeking to expand into a new market or country, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can provide the intelligence you need.

Financial Crime

If you are a victim of financial crime or have missing assets, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can advise how to locate them and can also advise on their protection in the future.


If your staff, information or buildings are at risk, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can arrange to protect them.


If you believe that you are the target of electronic eavesdropping, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can carry out the necessary searches and provide advice on how to avoid this potential threat.

Crisis Management

If you are faced with an unexpected crisis threatening your business, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can assist in informed decision-making by providing time critical intelligence and security to counter possible threats and or minimise damage.