Keeping you one step ahead of
the competition with sound due dilligence

Due Diligence

Fitzpatrick Executive Security offers a range of services designed to advise, protect and assist clients including:

Investigating Corporate Fraud

We have extensive experience investigating fraud and the misappropriation of assets. We also advise on preventative measures.

Asset Tracing

We can trace and locate stolen or hidden assets worldwide and assist in their recovery, usually in cooperation with the client's legal advisors.

Due Diligence Enquiries

We can provide companies involved in mergers and acquisitions or seeking overseas partners with accurate intelligence on the financial, legal, political and reputational status of target companies including the integrity of their directors. Secondly, in accordance with best "know your client" practice, we can assure compliance officers that they properly understand who they are dealing with and are aware of any risks involved.

Covert Surveillance

This can be undertaken in both Australia and when the occasion demands, abroad. This is a particularly valuable service in matters involving insurance and benefit fraud.

Pre Employment Screening

We screen potential employees, especially at senior manager or director level in both Australia and overseas.