The key to success is the quality of
business intelligence at your disposal

Business Intelligence

From time to time, many businesses contemplate new trading partnerships, mergers, acquisitions or need to resist the advance of a predator. The key to success is the quality of the business intelligence at their disposal.

Through it's worldwide network of agents and associates, Fitzpatrick Executive Security can provide intelligence tailored to the precise needs of our clients. Using market research, sophisticated investigative techniques and rigorous analysis, we deliver timely, discreet and cost effective services that include the following:

Sector or Company Analysis

Assisting clients considering new market sectors, acquisitions, mergers, distributors or simply trading partnerships.

Regional or Country Analysis

Providing analysis of political, economic and commercial conditions in areas where clients may be contemplating investment.

Competitor Analysis

Designed to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses, resources, strategies and business practices of competitors.